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Appointment Scheduling Software - The True Guide

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” - Peter Drucker



"Rising at a CAGR(Compound annual growth rate) of 13.1% from 2019 to 2026. The globally scheduling software market will reach $546.31 million by 2026" as appointment Scheduling Softwares provide ease of usability and increase demand for mobility to the customer." Reference

This guide will embrace you with a wealth of knowledge on appointment scheduling software to enrich your service, providing quality.


We have got you covered. Regardless of you are still looking for a solution or already own an appointment scheduling software, you will find some actionable ideas values tools in this guide.

This guide will embrace you with a wealth of knowledge on appointment scheduling software to enrich your service, providing quality.

What Is Appointment Scheduling Software?

Appointment Scheduling Softwares serve as a solution for businesses to organize and improve the efficiency in scheduling and booking appointments. Also known as scheduling software or online booking software. 
There are three types of appointment scheduling applications:

  • Web-Based Application

  • Mobile Application

  • Desktop Application

The appointment scheduling software is usually a web-based platform that aids in completing your online bookings and arrangements.

According to Wikipedia:
"Appointment scheduling software or meeting scheduling tools allows businesses and professionals to manage appointments and bookings."

A Scheduling Software comes up with fast online bookings, professional calendars containing detailed weekly or monthly views for all the scheduled appointments, several integrated tools for the prosperity of your services, a customizable booking page, and much more. The goal of appointment scheduling software is to reduce time spent on manual bookings and increasing staff efficiency and provide services transforming into more digital platforms.

​What is the need for Appointment Scheduling Software?

  • According to a recent survey, 34 out of 90 percent of online scheduled appointments are done after official working hours. That directly indicates that by offering 24/7 support of online scheduling, organizations can improve proportionally to provide the best service and reducing the excess burden on the administration department.

  • When clients organize their online bookings, gradually, it keeps your waiting room full. Hence you don't need to worry about keeping your slots booked in the future.

  • Reduce client no shows with SMS and email reminders

  • Waste no time on calls. With the appointment scheduling software, clients can make bookings anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices.

  • We are all aware of the pandemic 2020, which leads almost every business to direct their services digitally and accelerate the digital economy in an agile way.


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Types of Appointment Scheduling​

  1. One on One Booking:
    One on One booking is an in-person appointment scheduled between two people. The best example for a one on one appointment is the hair salon, where the client books their appointment beforehand with their desired hairdresser. Similarly for yoga studios, one can book their slot with their yoga trainer. You can encourage your customers to make online bookings on your customized website, which is mobile compatible. Once the meeting is scheduled with the client, it gets synced in your staff's calendar.

  2. Membership Bookings:
    Membership bookings are specially listed for long-term clients to reduce day-to-day work and increase efficiency.
    Your permanent clients become a part of daily schedules in your organization. Hence appointment scheduling software comes up with a variety of membership plans for them. It varies from monthly to yearly plans with respective costs. To avail of the membership, clients need to subscribe to the website, and they can go seamlessly until their plan ends. It's easier for the admins to keep track of their renewal, as a reminder automatically shoots up during the end of their membership. Membership booking is most common in the yoga industries, gyms, and many others.

  3. Group Bookings:
    Group Bookings term characterizes itself as bookings done for many people who simultaneously want to avail the same service. It enlarges the business on a large scale and works as an empowering asset. Appointment Scheduling Group booking, Businesses such as yoga studios, online tutoring, dance studios, music studios, and others, require making bookings in a group.

  4. Event Bookings:
    Unlike group booking, event booking demands highly manageable and operational skills. Some advanced software like ZealSchedule is tailor-made, offering the simplest, easiest, and most affordable way to manage registration. You can check out the FAQ for the difference between Event Booking and Group Booking.
    Event Booking adds many organizing challenges to meet the client's expectations for a business. Scheduling online bookings, sending reminders, and information about venue and time to clients' guests make it much easier to present it better. 
    Besides that, virtual events are organized as per the client's requirements with smartly integrated tools as with live streaming platforms. Event Booking Software organizes client's events by letting you know the availability for your desirable venue, time, date, and other details. Also, keep track of invitees and attendees, take the event's feedback online just by sharing a link with your guests.

  5. Resource Booking
    Resource booking has a different perspective in terms of scheduling. Besides online scheduling, it also includes maintenance of resources booked, their history, fulfilling all the requirements before the given deadline, future availability, and identification of constraints, and much more. Resource booking is commonly used in Gym, where each resource has its booking slot. As many service providers have migrated most of their business online, it is easy for clients to check resource availability according to their preference and suitably book the resources. The online resource booking system smoothness the workflow and avoids no overlaps in the booking of the asset. Resource Scheduling Software reduces the manual work for organizers and gives a transparent view to their clients.

Essential Features for Online Scheduling Software

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Real-Time 360° view for Customers

  • Automatic Reminders

  • Secure Online Payments

  • Seamless Integrations

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Customer Relationship Management​
Customer Relationship Management(CRM) came into existence in the early 1970s but became an integral part of sales automation in 1992 and facilitated sales journey onboarding.
CRM is a powerful business management tool that acts as a bridge between business offerings and customer needs. Only scheduling software is not enough to manage it all. Most CRMs are Cloud-Based Systems that allow businesses to automate sales and improve productivity, and an appointment scheduling software combined with CRM increases business productivity by three times. Appointment Scheduling software having a CRM aids you import data and contact, convert all your visitors to leads, list down your communications, apply filters, and do much more.  
CRM connects marketing, sales, customer services and organizes data and records distinctively.
If you are already using a CRM, your appointment scheduling should be compatible with it and support scheduling appointments with your customers. Applications like ZealSchedule can easily mingle with SalesForce, FreshWorks, and Hubspot. 

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Real-Time 360° view for Customer
From convergehub, "Knowing your customers is better because only they can help you get more lead and more business."
Before you opt for any appointment scheduling software, make sure it gives you a full 360° view of your customers, their bookings, and their preferences. Some enhanced software like ZealSchedule helps you know your customers significantly by using advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms.  Essential features like calendar synchronization, adding personalized, and much more. Understanding your customers and creating personalized notes lets you know their exact requirements and server them better.

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Automatic Reminder
Manual tracking of booking is not what your clients may appreciate. 
An appointment scheduling software featured with automatic reminders varnishes your services and aids you reduce the number of no-shows. Automated reminders are through emails, yet an SMS reminder is an addon. These reminders help your clients receive a notification on the booking confirmation, reschedule, and cancellation.

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Secure Online Payments
Through payment gateways, you can easily collect your payment online by integrating fast and secure payment gateways service providers such as PayPal, Razorpay, and Stripe. Having a gateway for payment is an apparent necessity for appointment scheduling software. By collecting payment online, you can maintain a trustworthy relationship between your clients and the organization where there are no chances for customers to get tricked.

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Seamless Integrations
Through payment gateways, you can easily collect your payment online by integrating fast and secure payment gateways service providers such as PayPal, Razorpay, and Stripe. Having a gateway for payment is an apparent necessity for appointment scheduling software. By collecting payment online, you can maintain a trustworthy relationship between your clients and the organization where there are no chances for customers to get tricked.

How to choose your Appointment Scheduling Software?

Step 1: Write down all your needs for better evaluation of software

Assess all your needs for your business's current and future standing. Ask yourself:

  1. What type of Scheduling Software do you know for your business?

  2. Do you require a business calendar?

  3. What customizations do you need?

  4. What are the necessary integrations for your software?

  5. What is your budget?

  6. Who will be the admin for handling the services?

  7. Determine the number of staff going to use the application?

  8. What are the features required?

Step 2: Match your requirement
Once you have listed down your features and requirements, Compare the appointment scheduling software in the market with your desired parameters. Try multiple appointment scheduling software that promises to fulfill your services in more intuitive ways. Remember, the demand for automation and less effort for scheduling without back and forth emails is what all business needs,  to maintain a healthier relationship with clients.

Step 3: To know the best, you need to test. 

Take a product trial. It's often for seven days. Evaluate the threshold parameters set for the promising scheduling software, and you are already one step ahead of choosing the best appointment scheduling software.


Free Appointment Scheduling Software

In this opposing era, when the organization's price is too much, free appointment scheduling promises you a better market and services with no extra costs. 

Pricing of Appointment Scheduling Software
Powerful technologies, including cloud, AI, machine learning, are giving tempo to appointment Scheduling Software. The software cost may differ from $9 to $400 per month based on the features. Some scheduling software also provides you with free access for a lifetime with a fixed plan.

How to design your online booking website

Most schedulers feature a subdomain or a custom domain for your customers to schedule appointments. Still, if you already have a stunning website, you can always adapt the plugin option, so you need to think carefully and have these features in your wishlist software.  The storefront that the Appointment Scheduling Software provides usually has a payment gateway integrated into it. You can use it for collecting payments online. All you need is to configure payment gateways like Razorpay, Pay Pal, Stripe.  Appointment Scheduling Software gives you the best-suited choice for the business themes to present your services in a better way with lots of customization available and with zero development effort. You can display the gallery and list all your services there. Remember that the booking page should be rich in SEO to pop up on top in Google Search to connect with more clients and get maximum bookings. Timely updates of services and the onboarding process are also advised. Taking feedback is an essential process for any scheduling website. Remember that it is precious to serve your next clients, containing the database of client's details.


Ending Note

Appointment scheduling software has got a broad market where service is all that matters. Your smart selection must still fulfill the unique needs that make you outstanding in the market, keeping all the threshold parameters in your mind. In the end, you have to decide what is an advance for your business, so make sure you leave no space to regret your choice. Many customers registered to ZealSchedule and their team let out a winning yell. We ensure that the quality of service is never compromised. At the same time, ZealSchedule provides 24/7 support from our multi-lingual support representative to help you set up your business and implement your ideas.