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How appointment scheduling software be used for employee onboarding

“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression” - Will Rogers


“First impressions are the best impressions,” and it is no exception for your workplace. Just like how building a solid foundation is vital for your business, having a pleasant and robust onboarding experience is essential for the long-term retention of your workers.

Is investing in onboarding processes necessary?

According to ProfitFit, more than 40% of employees leave their company within the first few months of employment, and also the average duration a person sticks with a company is 4.1 years. Doing the math, it is self-evident that having an efficient and robust onboarding process for an employee means a more extended stay at your company, in return for lower turnover rates and more productivity for the company.

According to Wikipedia, onboarding is the   “Mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to become effective organizational members and insiders.”  With a proper and organized onboarding process, the tedious process of onboarding could be simplified.  According to Harvard Business School, an effective and efficient onboarding process of an employee should include:  A detailed explanation of how the employee could fit into the existing culture of the workplace Making them able to connect with the right people and help them form the right relationship with the other employees Aligning the expectations of the employee to the company and explaining about their role

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How appointment scheduling software be used for employee onboarding

Key features to include in your onboarding process: 

Organizing the Process: Though knowing the importance of onboarding processes, one-third of companies do not have a structured and organized onboarding process. The key secret of any structured plan is that once you have structured and organized its skeleton, the implementation takes way less time, effort, and human resources. With an organized onboarding schedule, you could personalize the events according to your employee and simultaneously reduce your worries about completing the work. With ZealSchedule’s professional calendar, view your upcoming meetings and appointments easily.  

Keeping your Employees Excited: From scheduling an interview to booking their first meeting with the client, every onboarding step should be engaging and exciting for your employee. Failing to do so increases the chance of them leaving your firm, ultimately costing you the time and effort you spent hiring them.

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Reach out to them before their first workday and clear their possible queries. You could also use this time to grow their knowledge about the basic functionalities of your services by providing them with suitable materials.  

The 4-C Regulation: The 4 C’s of optimized  onboarding process according to the BusinessOfficer magazine are: 

  • Clarification - ensuring that the employee is aware of the tools to get started. 

  • Compliance - making them understand the rules and regulations, privacy policies, and other legal details. 

  • Culture- ensuring that they fit into the work culture without problems.  

  • Connection - assure that the employee networks with the fellows without discrepancies.  

The most straightforward and go-to structure of onboarding employees is ensuring that you follow all the 4Cs correctly.  

Training, Feedback, and Hands-On Support: 

With proper training that is tailor-made for them, focusing on regions they need improvement, the employees could perform better on their job, be more productive, and reach their work goals.

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How appointment scheduling software be used for employee onboarding

Finally, top it off with scheduling a one-on-one meeting using ZealSchedule with your employee to get to know more about them and make them understand more about your organization and the job. With ZealSchedule, your new employee need not worry about keeping up with your schedule to plan a meeting and clear their doubts. With 2-way calendar synchronization, your employees can integrate their ZealSchedule calendar with their existing google and outlook calendars, removing the possibility of overlapping appointments.

Ensure to help them in all the places they get stuck and also make them feel welcome.   With that note, the answer to the first question of the blog:  yes, it is essential to invest your effort and time in managing the onboarding process of your employees.

We wish you a seamless employee onboarding process