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Appointment Scheduling Software For Design Consultants

"Design is intelligence made visible." — Alina Wheeler


Get automated appointment scheduling software for modern design consultants. Creative minds need room to think, hence eliminate manual work and automate your Design Consultant Services.

Critical Challenges Faced By The Design Consultants

Nowadays, clients are expecting to get things done quickly and effortlessly. As a result, many design consultancy firms are moving towards a digitalized way of providing service. But those who still believe in a conventional method of face these challenges on their way:

Meeting competition: Standing out of the thousands of design consultants out there is a critical factor to chase.

Driving traffic: The website is one way a client knows your offerings. Without a website to display, the offering becomes very difficult to drive traffic to the company.

Client management: While receiving more appointments, scheduling manually becomes a complex process that will lead to missing charges and client disappointments.

Indistinct information of services: Indistinct information of services never turns a lead into sales.

Payment security issues: Many clients fear transacting online if their medium of transactions is not reputed.

Showcase Your Work

With ZealSchedule, you can create a website for your Design Consultant's business with zero development efforts to list all the unique services you offer. In addition, your clients can book appointments directly from your website, which increases bookings by 40%, even after business hours. If you already have a website, then you can integrate ZealSchedule's widget within your website.

Flexible Scheduling

Along with the services offered, you can also add the prices to the services, helping your clients get an idea. ZealSchedule staff owns a personalized calendar that contains all the information like your appointments, meetings, calls, etc.

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Retain Your Clients

Returning clients means Happy clients. Your good-looking website will give a rich look among the clients and new leads, automatically creating a good impression of you. In addition, ZealSchedule provides one of the best CRM, which makes your clients generate trust in your brand.

Recurring Bookings

Retain customers by letting them book repeated appointments over a set period. Customers are notified individually for each booking until the whole series (rather than only once).

Here Is Why ZealSchedule Is The Best Design Consultant's Appointment Scheduling Software

Create a fully customizable service store and showcase your designs. Automate your booking process by sending notifications and reminders to your client's booking and getting automatic email and SMS reminders. Make your payments online with integrated payment gateways such as RazorPay, Stripe, PayPal. In addition, ZealSchedule provides individual reports about your business with the help of Google Analytics which is crucial for decision making.