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Interview Appointment Scheduling Software

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." — Albert Einstein


Book seamlessly and take the hassle out of scheduling interviews by empowering candidates to schedule with you based on your calendar availability.

Critical Challenges Faced By Recruiters

As a recruiter you once you have posted your jobs online, you'll be receiving multiple resumes from which you'll have to sort the resumes to find the best candidates. And it might be challenging to:

Scheduling Important Interviews: There might be many candidates to interview, so sending back and forth emails and finding a mutually convenient time is quite challenging. And it's more difficult when the organization doesn't have an automated solution for this. Learn how to avoid back and forth emails using ZealSchedule

Avoid Conflicts in Scheduling: Manual scheduling might cause conflicts between interviews, and it also gets exhausting for interviewers to interview candidates with no buffer in between two appointments.

Onboard Information of Candidates: Storing all the information of candidates becomes a critical task for interviewers.

No Automatic Reminders: You have to keep giving manual reminders to candidates in the unavailability of any automatic solution.

Share Your Calendar

ZealSchedule's online software solution is hassle-free and makes it effortless for your candidate to book a slot on your calendar. The candidates can schedule appointments 24/7. In addition, you can easily integrate with video conferencing tools such as Google Meet, Zoom, and GoToMeeting to virtually conduct your interview.

Sync Your Calendar

Get rid of your spreadsheets and paperwork with ZealSchedule. It provides a calendar that automatically syncs with your Google and Outlook calendar to avoid overlap of bookings. Make sure you are personally and professionally available for interviewing your candidate. Conduct interviews remotely from anywhere around the world.

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Remind and Notify

ZealSchedule automatically notifies you and your candidate through emails and SMSes on appointment creation and intimates on rescheduling and cancellation of the booking. Say Good-Bye to "No-Shows,"  emails and SMS reminders are sent to you and your candidates about your appointment, consequently helping you never lose track. Send emails and SMSes your way. ZealSchedule gives you complete control of the email and SMS templates.

Save Candidates Records

Understanding and having a good relationship with your candidate plays a crucial role in achieving success in getting the best interview process. Know your candidate better by storing detailed appointment history, booking preferences, future bookings, notes, custom fields, and contact details.

Here Is Why ZealSchedule Is The Best Interview Appointment Scheduling Software

ZealSchedule is a cloud platform that provides hassle-free software for scheduling your interviews in a fully automated manner, right from sending a reminder to notifying your interviewer and the candidate on any appointment schedule or canceled or rescheduled. ZealSchedule remembers each of your candidates and builds comprehensive profiles that contain their social profiles and resumes. These records are stored with ZealSchedule's CRM across all your devices. You can import or export the data anytime from anywhere. Learn how to integrate native and third-party applications with ZealSchedule